The Benefits of Using Videoette-styled Content

Videoettes make your content easier to understand, more engaging, and more readily applied in the workspace. By adding an element of real-life scenario-based storytelling or story design to microlearning, content becomes more relatable, easier to understand, and more easily applied to learner perspective. Everyone loves a story, especially one that they can relate to. Make your content richer and more engaging through scenario-based storytelling.

Videoette Features include:

Images/Screen Capture

  • May be used to demonstrate a process, show a reference, or provide “how to” instructions.


  • May be used to introduce learners to a subject or situation, explain a concept, or engage learners in an interactive scenario.

Live Action

  • May be used when desiring a person (or persons) to present the introduction to the micro-lesson, the content,  or scenario-based story.


  • This includes any combination of live action, images, animation, and screen capture to provide a varied approach to the content in order to meet diverse learner needs.


Take a look at some examples, completed by our consultants, of videoettes completed for several businesses and various purposes. What is your preference? What would you like to accomplish with your microlearning?

Screen Capture: 



Interactive Animation:


Screenshot_Performance and Development Overview - Google Chrome 2017-09-21 16.34.34
Click HERE to view Videoette



Live Action:


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