Alexa Conversation Simulation

To explore a Conversation Simulation, first view a short video, next read a white paper, and then enable the skill.

View It

See how your audience can refine and master conversational skills you’ve taught in this video.

Read It

Discover one company’s insights gained from exploring voice-enabled learning design in this white paper.
A New Learning Design Using Alexa Voice User Interface (Thumbnail)

Do It

Experience a simulated conversation yourself on your phone or Alexa device with this Alexa skill.

1) Create or log into your Amazon account at

2) Search for and then enable the Mindful Classroom Conversations Alexa skill.

3a) If you have an Alexa enabled device, just say “Alexa, Open Mindful Classroom Conversations.”

3b) If you don’t have a device, download the free Reverb app for Apple iOS or Android. Next, using the app, sign into your Amazon account. Then say “Alexa, Open Mindful Classroom Conversations.”

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