Microlearning Services

Does your company experience progressively agile roles or ongoing modifications to existing learning materials? Are you looking for cost effective and time efficient ways to deliver powerful training that is practical and engaging? Does staff development turn into an opportunity for your staff to check their emails, post onto Instagram, or take a quick siesta? Are you seeking a non-traditional approach to professional learning that includes the options of interactive content, collaboration, coaching support, and easily digestible information?

Employee effectiveness, efficiency has never been more important in this age of instant information. Every company has unique needs and expectations for their learning and development programs. Every employee has unique learning needs; from the consistency of distractions, degree of use of mobile tools, amount of collaborative interaction, to the rapidity of information change within the work day. Learning needs to be ongoing and current, accessible concerning time and availability, agile in how it can be delivered (across platforms), and easy to both comprehend and apply. Think of the 3 “Rs” – Retention, Refinement, and Results. Then, ask if this is what will set your company and your staff up for success.

Options for Microlearning include, but are not limited to:

  • Designing engaging and dynamic microlearning experiences
  • Developing interactive lessons and courses that include:
    • gamification
    • collaboration
    • goal development
    • opportunities to deepen learning
  • Redesigning existing content
  • Configuring a collaborative platform specific to the needs of your company that encourages:
    • sharing of information and insights regarding learning
    • peer interaction and support
    • coaching opportunities
    • goal monitoring
    • feedback of resources and monitoring effectiveness of platform use

Contact us to inquire how we may help you and your company stand outside of the norm and reach the level of excellence and success for all stakeholders.


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