Consulting Services

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Are you in an administrator who has too much on your shoulders and, as the instructional leader at your school, needs additional support? Do you see that teachers need instructional support, but are not sure exactly what they need? Could you benefit from an objective eye as you identify what your next instructional steps will be?

Have a trained eye come to your school site to help identify instructional strengths and areas of growth, and to make recommendations for ways in which instructional practice and effectiveness leading to student success may improve. A consultant will come to your school, walk through classrooms in quiet non-evaluative observation to provide valuable insights to what is happening instructionally and to provide a recommendation for what services would help to strengthen your schools instructional program.

Options for consulting services are as follows:

  • 6 hours consulting for 1 day (minimum time)
  • 12 hours consulting for 2 days
  • 18 hours consulting for 3 days
  • 24 hours consulting for 4 days
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