Mindful Teacher Services

Teacher and pupil in elementary school classroom

Why Mindful Teaching?

Teachers are critical to the well-being and growth of society today and tomorrow. Teachers help to shape learner’s minds and seek both inspire and influence the lives of every citizen in our society. Our work, as educators, not only molds the society we are in; but paves the way to the society we are moving into. We are in a global community where cultures, mindsets, and interactions may be as numerous as the stars; however, the tools in which we use to navigate each are powerful, simple, and go beyond the boundaries of our differences.

When we are mindful of ourselves as viable members of the education community, as lifelong learners, and as pillars within our society, we uplift the very foundation of education to a more inclusive and gentler experience. We have the ability to see and respond to what is needed in the very one’s we hold most dear. Whether your vision is to improve school culture, increase classroom management, or foster academic growth, Pedagogics Coaching Group can support your efforts and work toward building Mindful Practice at your site. Participation in Mindful Practice creates a powerful school culture and is able to reduce stress, positively affect student outcomes, and increase learners’ social-emotional capacities.

Ask: “What makes your school, staff, or community of learners stand out? What makes your site, your students, your staffs experience special, dynamic, or outstanding in comparison to other schools?”

Now ask yourself if you are you ready to make a shift in instruction and culture that will lead to continued academic, social, and emotional growth?

If you are even considering yes, click here to learn about the Habits of Mind. Contact us to see how our services may support you and your vision.


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