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Terri Hamilton – Founder and Director

I have been a certificated educator for 20 years in the public school sector; within which, 10 years of instructional coaching and consulting regionally and nationally. My experience includes cognitive coaching, research, curriculum development, and instructional training.

After years in elementary classrooms and experiences as a teacher leader, I began working as a mentor teacher. This naturally led to me pursuing a coaching position, where I worked at several schools as a Reading First Instructional Coach. Many times my position was not limited simply to coaching, but involved duties including development of curriculum, table facilitator for administrative trainings, and site coordinator duties.

With these experiences under my belt, I chose to leave the school site to become a content developer and course writer for a small ed-tech company that focused on the integration of technology with research-based instructional strategies and rigorous core content. I both designed and wrote over 70 video products, called an eTeachable. The product highlighted best practices in instruction and demonstrated to teachers how to integrate those best practices into available classroom technology. In addition, I lead webinars to support eTeachable use and both wrote and led the development and design of a Professional Learning Guide.

Working as a consultant for a large innovative education-based company, I have traveled across the U.S. training teachers and administrators, developing training materials, and helping districts to implement a common core-based curriculum called Core Knowledge Language Arts. I also worked on a national project, an SBAC supplemental resource database of over 400 resources for educators, in which I reviewed resources, wrote resource descriptions, peer edited, and led a small team in restructuring 85 lessons into pdf format as a part of a heavily vetted process.

I have also worked with a small family-owned education company which is a leading publisher of PreK–12 core, supplemental, and intervention literacy resources in English and Spanish. I travel regionally as a consultant training teachers in the implementation of a comprehensive and balanced literacy program developed to support the California standards for English Language Arts and English Language Development.

I have a passion for the work that I do which involves instructional support and unlocking the barriers to effective teaching with both school systems and educators. I look forward to doing the same work with your organization. Cheers to embracing a mindset of growth and excellence!

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