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Jacob is an employee with a major satellite service company who is responsible for the repair and installation of in-home equipment. Jacob has been doing this for a while, but sometimes when there is new equipment to install he is not sure about a step or two. This results in him making a call to his manager to complete the installation, which could take anywhere from two to ten minutes to get a response dependent upon the manager’s availability. Many times this process is not a problem, but there are times when it is just embarrassing, and Jacob finds himself apologizing profusely. Jacob prides himself in providing outstanding service and feels that this is one area he would like to improve. How? He is not sure; however, he knows there has to be a better alternative for himself and his coworkers.

This is one example of what exists as a common struggle with understanding the many tasks, procedures, policies, and job-specific performance tasks that are expected of employees today. It is no secret that when employees struggle to retain knowledge related to the job they’re performing, they are less effective and unable to perform to the expectations of the company, causing a loss in both time and money. There is a present SHIFT within corporate Learning and Development that is turning the table on employee efficiency and effectiveness.

The most prevalent struggle for employers is the retention and implementation of what is learned. The challenge is knowing that what is taught will be understood and applied successfully. Microlearning is a non-traditional approach to adult training and professional eLearning that is resulting in measurable improvement. It encompasses:

  • Targeted content presented in short, bite-sized pieces that are specific and condensed
  • Story-based, personalized, gamified, and adaptive to encourage engagement and interaction
  • Multiple platforms to support accessibility from multiple devices
  • Collaborative allowing for peer support and coaching opportunities
  • On-demand access to employees when and where needed
  • Reporting and analytics to monitor or measure effectiveness and evaluate results

If your training goals are to develop a system that supports continuous learning, engages your employees, has better accessibility, builds knowledge and performance gradually, produces real change in work-based behaviors, and has the ability to be produced and modified and a considerably lower cost, then Microlearning is a viable solution for you and your business.

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