Pedagogics Coaching Group offers a variety of Mindful Learning services which are easily tailored to your needs. Our award-winning team works with your company, your vision, and with the resources you have. You manage the type and level of support you need.



Services include consulting, design, and development of eLearning opportunities including courses, lessons, videoettes, and Alexa Skills. We work with your Subject Matter Expert to develop learning that is interactive, engaging, and effective. What sets Pedagogics Coaching Group apart from many similar services is that we are certificated educators in addition to content developers who provide a unique approach to creating learning that is dynamic, engaging, and effective for adult learners. This is our passion.



All school-based Mindful Learning coaching and mentoring packages include professional learning sessions that address instructional needs. Professional Learning is followed up with onsite support that relates directly to work completed during the professional learning sessions. Each teacher receives a 15 minute debrief to move practice in a forward and positive direction. All packages also have a 1.5-hour minimum planning session with you, and your leadership team, to determine the details of the support needed and to create a schedule. Not sure what you need? Have us come to your site as a consultant to observe and determine what you want to accomplish.

All services are non-evaluative and designed to grow your school’s program and culture; whether working with the novice or seasoned teacher, working with instructional teams such as PLCs, TLCs, grade-level-based teams, or subject matter teams; or supporting administration and coaches in instructional leadership. Browse below and click on any service to find out more.


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Let Pedagogics Coaching Group work with you and your subject matter experts to design dynamic learning opportunities for your staff. Develop a catalog of learning experiences for your company and boost your staff’s knowledge base, expertise, and productivity as a result. Utilize our platform to coach, monitor, and gather reports regarding growth. Make that SHIFT today!
  • Design Microlearning Experiences
  • Develop Interactive Lessons and Courses
  • Redesign Existing Content
  • Configure a Collaborative Platform Specific to the Need of Your Company

Variable hours

Schoolwide Habits of Mind

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Increase your school’s capacity for success. Create a dynamic culture of support, collaboration, and mindfulness through the integration of the Habits of Mind. Design a program that is inclusive of all school stakeholders that magnifies best instructional practices.

Several Program Options Available


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Have a trained eye come to your school site to help identify instructional strengths and weaknesses, and to make recommendations for ways in which instructional practice, school culture, and overall effectiveness leading to student success may improve.
  • 6 hours consulting for 1 day (minimum time)
  • 12 hours consulting for 2 days
  • 18 hours consulting for 3 days
  • 24 hours consulting for 4 days

Variable hours


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