“Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.”

Leonardo DaVinci

Welcome to Pedagogics Coaching Group where we shape tomorrow by supporting a SHIFT in Mindful Learning today.


There is a major shift happening in the business and educational worlds that are changing the way in which we look at training and professional learning. The tools we use to get information, learn, and connect are at a steady rate of change. The manner in which we both retain and use the information we learn is shifting as well. Traditional approaches, such as the classroom, eLearning, training (both in person and online) are losing their effectiveness due to lack of follow-through, unsubstantial support, and an overwhelming amount of information to be synthesized and put into immediate action.

Pedagogics Coaching Group’s focus is to support the creation and implementation of mindful learning for the purpose of enhancing, growing, and achieving professional learning goals. We believe that the best growth comes from a gradual SHIFT in practice paired with hands-on support; whether on-demand or on-site. :

Do you desire:

  • Training and professional learning that is a journey
  • Learning  experiences that are bite-sized, focused, and easily applied to the workplace
  • Whenever (anytime), Wherever (any place), and Whatever (any device) learning solutions
  • Mindful Learning moments that nurture and grow workplace culture


This is where Pedagogics Coaching Group and its award-winning development team comes in; bridging the gap between learning and implementation. We specialize in:

  • Designing and developing course and training modules
  • Implementing instructional professional learning
  • Designing eLearning (Micro-Learning) tools using story-based and scenario-driven design
  • Consulting and coaching instructional services
  • Mindful Learning through Habits of Mind
  • Innovative and interactive content

Explore our site and check out and our Online Learning Community using the link listed. We are happy you are here, now let’s make it happen, together!